Casa da Imagem is a place open to the community. The activities that we develop involve ludic and exploratory techniques and the development of artistic and practical methods.

Our activities are suited to everybody: babies, children, youngsters, adults and seniors, wether you come as families, with schools, specialised audiences or just curiouse!

We also offer trainings for teachers, as part of continuing training programmes on visual and technological expression, and visual arts and artistic education fields.


As a centre for artistic education, at Casa da Imagem we cenceive workshops and other similar activities on a seasonal and annual basis (depending on the requirements of each training).

  • It promotes contact with the varied material and documentary heritage of the Teófilo Rego Photographic Fund.
  • Performs activities of current and innovative character, capable of placing in dialogue the History of the Image with the contemporary visual productions.
  • It empowers students and teachers to be creative and conscious agents in their contexts of action, enabling them to experiment with accessible and replicable artistic workshop practices that foster relationships with the surrounding world.
  • It offers the visit accompanied by Thematic Rooms enabling disciplinary crossings and articulation of syllabus curriculum through original approaches and didactics.
  • It offers work rooms (a teacher can teach at the House autonomously), with access to the equipment, resources and museum objects of the Casa da Imagem Museum.

The workshops are organised by professionals from the arts field who believe that learning in this area evolves from practicing, that is, that artistic learning takes place when what we do is the material result of what we know.

We promote activities based on sharing and on practices that favour constant experimentation and discovery of means, technologies and reflections which come to life through objects/actions.



One of Casa da Imagem’s main areas of action, that we cherich, is the development of projects and workshops with schools. This results from sharing of different realities, experiences, questions, wills and wishes.

Together we surch for creating room for a common combined practice, in which artistic education works as the shared basis for research and action.

Casa da Imagem is open to dialogue and cooperation considering that only by acknowledging the existing needs and context of each school a true cooperation can be established.
Given the multiple training and educational demands that schools face these days, Casa da Imagem promotes the creation of a fruitful space for students where they can come in contact with contemporary art and culture. We consider that this should happen, in school grounds or at Casa da Imagem.



Casa da Imagem promotes activities based on sharing and practices that favour constant experimentation and the discovery of means, technologies and reflections that come to life through objects/actions.
Through always being in constant dialogue with its surroundings we understand the processes of experimenting contemporary art and assume the creating a common ground, where multiple spheres of meaning with different points of reference intersect: from communication and language to the historical, social, philosophical, aesthetical, political and educational dimensions.

Learning takes place when we adopt an attitude of discovery, of exploration and deconstruction, of cooperation, of creating and sharing individual perceptions.