Duarte Ribeiro 25 September 2017 Casa en 0

FROM 6 TO 31 MAY 2017
(exhibition opening)

Natacha Antão with the participation of Mónica Faria, Manuel dos Reis, Joana Paradinha, João Cabeleira and Vítor Martins.

This exhibition presents a set of works developed by Natacha Antão since 2015. They result from the phisical and emotional need to experience colors, due to the theoretical study of the chromatic fenomena for the last 5 years. This is the first and last presentation of this drawings.
To this moment of post-performance, as well said by Vítor Martins, I have the participantions of Mónica Faria and her “farfalhudas”, the sound design of Manuel dos Reis, the graphic work made by Joana Paradinha, João Cabeleira’s “perspetiva depravada”, and the written drawings of Vítor Martins.
The exhibition opens at 16h. We are expecting your presence and participation in the conclusion of the anamorphosis “perspetiva depravada”, developed to the Casa da Imagem’s space.


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