Following our mandate to give a sense of purpose to the goal of fomenting public good through the educational service of our Museum, this activity proposes to stimulate the meeting between the schools’ community and the artistic field for producing images.

Here, the goal is to build a scenic object for display in the museum, within the Heritage of Wonderful Rooms of the XVI and XVII century, to be exposed in the Mirage Room of the Museum.

What will be asked from the students is a double task: first, the recollection and recreation of objects belonging to a popular collective repertoire of strange images, enchantment and illusion; secondly, research and development of visualisation devices/projection of image by understanding optical mechanisms and the principles of physical light.

How it is organised and who are the beneficiaries?

  1. Training for teachers (free of charge)
  2. Workshops with students.

This project is aimed at teachers and students from pre-schools, primary and secondary schools.

How to join this project?

Contact us at or by phone +351969607812.