The Museum component of Casa da Imagem is an exhibition of stories and practices. Its infrastructure includes devices to visualise, recreate, register, capture, expose, disseminate and experiment images. It establishes itself as a tool for constant dialogue with History and ancient popular narrative and oral tradition, wandering around coincidences, facts and reverie. It covers the origin and evolution of image tackling the paths of myth, religion and traditions, culture, arts and science.

The Museum’s core is the Archive “Teófilo Rego – Foto Comercial” which gathers fifty years of photographic work and a collection of photo and video cameras, building the bridge between the stories of images and the devices that captured them. In a spirit of “cabinet of curiosities”, the rooms and chambers of our Casa welcome a wide variety of fascinating objects, organised according to eclectic categories in a systematic and speculative fashion. They invite the public, the curious traveller, to the discovery, experimentation and to rewrite the story of image.

The Museum of Casa da Imagem has permanent, temporary and sporadically organised exhibitions. The permanent exhibition offers the visitor iconic images found on the History of Photography and the evolution of Image. Temporary exhibitions include museum related interpretations and artistic projects by the Museum’s team. The Museum also welcomes sporadically organised exhibitions opening itself to direct intervention, and reflection, from its public.

The Museum has the fundamental goal of unveiling and recreating the production of image through games and ludic devices, highlighting its enchanting capacity and analysing the relationships that exist between people and technology. By developing a mutating and morphing exhibition, the Museum opens itself to reflection and discussion of the potential issues and concepts that emerge from it.